Idle Heroes Tier List 2020 [June UPDATE]

By | November 4, 2019

Idle Heroes is the best game that you can find online these days. It combines elements from the ancient religions alongside with magic and special potions and tricks that can keep your interest in the highest appreciated level. The idle heroes tier list is there to help you find the best characters you can get in this game. We have shared the completely Updated Idle Heroes Tier List of June 2020, so just go and download the PDF.

There is great necessity to get the idle heroes guide for your information because the idle heroes events are coming soon. Most of the people are liking the idle heroes best heroes and giving a great vote to the idle heroes tier list.
Accordingly, the idle heroes next event is going to include many more characters and the tier list for idle heroes in 2020 is going to increase in size and popularity. Not to mention that there is this only idle heroes guide, giving you enough information about the strategy and the personal achievements of each character. There is nothing to resemble the old RPG games that only had to shoot them up to action. Here you can find a smart combination of passion with magic and special tricks to make the enemy fall for you.

Latest PvP Idle Heroes Tier List in 2020 [Download Pdf]

Download the idle heroes tier list from this site as we are providing it for free. We have included all details of the Idle heroes list along with the details regarding the heroes abilities and their main attacks. You have to just download the pdf that I am providing you here and use it to create the list that works wonders for you. Before handing you out the complete list, first, make sure that you know how every hero works. For that, you must understand every hero’s abilities along with the strategy that is used to play with it. Also, you mush know what kind of player you are and what bunch of heroes might work for the situation you are in. Here in this post, I have managed to explain all the main characters of the game and also provided you with the update complete tier list.

Detailed Information On Idle Heroes Guide

The Idle Heroes tier list has inside it all the significant information and resources so that you can always choose the best heroes available. You can also check the idle heroes events that are presented here for the first time and have fascinated everyone that enters the world of this game. Your goal has been to reach the most competent team of heroes so that you can defeat the metagame which has been the ultimate reason the majority of the players are giving importance to the game. So a presentation of the idle heroes best heroes follows here and gives you the chance to admire all the excitement you can get by the game:

aida idle heroes




She has been the greatest hero for the players that are still in the novice or amateur stage. You can always get her for free simply by registering for the same e-mail account so that you can have access to her character by multiple sources. Aida is the one who is overpowered throughout the latest season. She is undoubtedly the best of the best heroes that can be upgraded to the fullest. She is undoubtedly placed in the Tier 0 or some may call it the GOD tier.  All other heroes that are in the lower tier list can be arranged around her character, as she is one of the most vital players in the game. The greatest ability of all has been the Speed/HP, Speed/Attack. However, Aida is great in fixing herself upon external threats and attacks and if you can manage to keep her alive throughout the game she can deal a substantial amount of damage, which of course is an achievement. She can be easily considered as one of the idle heroes best heroes and can give you great quality to your game and a lot more better endurance.

garuda idle hero       Garuda

As soon as Garuda was introduced into the game, people started freaking out on how powerful a character she is. Out of the entire idle heroes tier list, Garuda has been the most fabulous creature that you can have in your world design. You can easily acquire her for free as you clear the very first levels of the game. In the beginning, you might think she has been a weak player but as time goes on you will certainly discover her real value. Garuda, as the idle heroes guide reveals has Attack/Holy/Attack and Crit/Crit/Attack which is enough to defeat all her opponents at the battlefield using a great blast of damage giving you extreme scenes as you are fighting. Your goal here is to upgrade her and increase the stars she has gathered. She can reach up to level 250 and you can be the absolute winner of the game. The idle heroes mod apk can confirm that Garuda has come to the Idle Heroes to stay and develop her character to the fullest extent.

amen ra idle heroes      Amen-Ra

Going on with the idle heroes tier list, we are coming to a special case of creatures that is the Amen-Ra. It is certainly one of the idle heroes best heroes and can give you lots of satisfaction by the way she acts when attacking or defending. Her abilities are- Speed/Hp and Hp/Precision. Her main role in the game is disruption and Support.  This creature can also be compatible to participate to the idle heroes next event that is usually scheduled by the programmers of the game and gives new identity and qualities to the existing players. She can get a great impact of damage when being on the battlefield but thanks to the healing abilities she is always getting out of all the harsh situations. 

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Aspen idle hero          Aspen

Here we come to the hero with the less visible powers, yet one of the strongest in the list of the idle heroes tier list. This character has been made for the absolute beginners and you simply can’t go wrong when having him by your side. He can change the way you are playing or positioning him on the battlefield and can give you more than she is asking for the energy consumption she is going to get from your game points at the beginning of each session. Aspen has been among the idle heroes best heroes since he can efficiently control and also damage as mentioned in the idle heroes guide. Not to forget that Aspen can easily participate in the idle heroes events that are announced explicitly for the beginners and have a lot of energy to give to newcomers. Then we come to the point where we are finding a more complex tiering of heroes. The best players goes to the reactive, burst, support and utility heroes. These characters are really good to give you more specialized movements and make you progress on the game and reach the final stages. 

Idle Heroes-Best Heroes in 2020 [Updated]

It is crucial to analyze all the characters in the game and know exactly what you should be wanting from these heroes.

Keep in mind these points before choosing your Idle Heroes best heroes:

  • Though the heroes mentioned are superior to each other (ascending order), but this will mostly depend on that particular instance of the game.
  • All the heroes which are not on this list are not that capable, so do not waste your time in upgrading them.
  • And the most important point, id you want a great team you should put more effort into their synergies and not entirely depend on their rankings.

Idle Heroes Guide- The Not so powerful yet best support heroes

These are some of the next level heroes that can give you all the support you need to proceed to the most complex sessions of the game: He is one of the most valuable players on the idle heroes tier list. Presented on the idle heroes guide he was the Death Ray possibility where he can smash all opponents and add credits to himself.

best support heroes         Skerei- Is this the Idle Heroes Best Support Hero?

He has also the Grip of Death that gives extra two rounds to finish all the opponents on the battlefield and has been one of the creatures with the most stamina in the game. Skerei can give a lot of health levels to all allied heroes and of course according to the idle heroes mod apk is one of the cutest you can find in the entire game!

sigmund         Sigmund

 There is no resemblance to the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud. As the idle heroes tier list says Sigmund can take the position of Skerei in almost any battlefield you want him to be. Using the Flame Bombardment he can explicitly threaten all the enemies with his fireballs. Not to mention that he already has the power to extract health levels from the enemies and become one of the most efficient death machines of the whole game. There is no need to take any extra armor for the game. According to the player’s preferences, we can see that Sigmund is in the idle heroes best monster list and is capable to participate to any idle heroes events that may be organized by the programmers to upgrade the features of the game. He is an interactive player that can serve multiple purposes in the game.

idle heroes best heroes           Iceblink

As the name may give you a slight guess this is about a monster that can give you the intoxicating power of Ice. You can start using him when you are reaching close to level 60 and then you are going to get lots of shades of iceblink that freezes all your opponents at once. He can also take away the armors from the enemies and take their health stars at a glance. This is the monster that can get to the idle heroes next event and thrive. Additionally, it is one of the most impressive appearances on the game featuring the magicians’ cloak that can give terrible feeling to all the opponents upon his arrival.

King Barton         King Barton

This is another great story of the idle heroes tier list that seems to be endless. A beardy monster that can make a difference in the way you are attacking. His special feature is that he can gain a lot of strength by the enemy’s hits and he suddenly grows a lot to become a massive threat for all his opponents.  After all, you cannot easily kill him although there is a way to do it available only for masters and stands up on the top 3 tiers of the reactive heroes. It’s a total honor for the idle heroes tier list and can support its survival.

idle heroes events            Xia

Here you can see that the idle heroes tier list has come to a great junction. You have to choose elegance over the raw power. Xia has them both so that you don’t even have to decide which one you want more. She has the Whirlwind Sweep that provokes so much damage to the rest of the players that you can say she is necessary to pass the majority of the stages with great ease. Xia is ranked higher in the idle heroes best heroes and can secure your place on the winner’s side. Also Read Other Posts From the Category: Mobile Reviews

Idle Heroes Event & Next Events In Future

As you can see, we have now analyzed all the monsters that are available for idle heroes online games. This is the time you are getting closer to the real aim of the game and start playing using your mind instead of all the power you may possess.  The idle heroes tier list has been the most impressive achievement of the programmers. They are here to say that an RPG game is always in a dynamic procedure that is why they are always opting out to organize the idle heroes next event for all the relevant communities to participate in. Most of the time the idle heroes guide may seem odd to other players with different gameplays and styles. However, once you are getting acquainted and used to the idle heroes style of game you are not going to change it with no other RPG game. Though there is no update regarding the upcoming events in the community, we will surely keep you up-to-date with this blog. (Make sure you bookmark us, to stay up-to-date with the latest event updates)

Tier 0

aida idle heroesAida
garuda idle heroGaruda
amen ra idle heroesAmen-Ra

Tier 1

Aspen idle heroAspen
Horus idle heroHorus
Gustin idle heroGustin

Tier 1.5

Belarin idle heroesBelrain
OberonOberon (3x/ 4x)
Dark ArthindolDark Arthindol

Tier 2

Asmodel idle heroesAsmodel
Kroos idle heroKroos
Emily idle heroesEmily

Tier 3

Amuvor heroAmuvor
Xia idle heroesXia
Asmodel idle heroesFaith Blade
Flame StrikeFlame Strike
King BartonKing Barton
Michelle idle heroMichelle

Tier 4

best support heroesSkerei
Aidan heroAidan
idle hero StarlightStarlight
hero ValentinoValentino
Das MogeDas Moge

Tier 5

Das MogeDas Moge
All the other heroes except these should only be used as fodders and not should be an option to seriously build. Also, they are not even worth building as first 10*.


The idle heroes tier list gives you a secure prediction of who is going to be a winner. When you are checking on the idle heroes mod apk you see that the characters are losing their powers gradually to give their places to new ones that are coming in the following seasons. The most impressive thing on this game has traditionally been its gameplay.

You have a really friendly interface that can give all the information you need at a glance. Also, you cannot find the idle heroes mod apk on Google Play Store. You can also communicate with your fellow players using the secure internet line that is provided by the game. All the communication standards are listed here and you can be reassured that you will find the best character in the most suitable place for your needs in the game. 

The presentation of the idle heroes best heroes is the most important thing you can do to deeper know your characters. Then you are going to know exactly what to expect on the battlefield and you also are aware of all the challenges you may face while the battle is on fire. The special movements of the players, the stars as well as the health stamina are all calculated by the game to offer you the most thriving experience you have ever been involved in.

Give yourself the chance to become the champion in idle heroes. The game is waiting for you to register and the characters are easy to learn and a lot easier to understand and recall their special features.  Never in the past has the gaming community experienced such a frenzy like the idle heroes online game. The idle heroes tier list is also the most successful innovation that has been introduced to the gaming community. Since we are checking the idle heroes tier list we come to see the idle heroes guide that has been formed uniquely.

Moreover, the idle heroes best heroes are here to fascinate the world as well as the idle heroes next event is coming to give you more information on what the programmers are willing to do for the idle heroes tier list. All players are now well aware of the powers and weaknesses and can adjust their gameplay according to the person they are encountering in their way. After all, it is about who you are going to play with. Being the champion in idle heroes is not impossible!

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