Idle Heroes Guide [2020]- Beginner to Advanced {Mistakes to Avoid}

By | June 13, 2020

I have a detailed post for the best heroes that you should work on your first key 5 heroes. So if you haven’t checked that out, and you are a beginner make sure you do. After you make your first 5 hero, what should you do now? This idle heroes guide 2020 is not just for beginners or intermediate or advanced players. It’S for everybody, pick an immediate goal and then work towards that. Don’t be like this guy. Don’t have so many projects just focus on your first be 5 idle heroes.

Idle Heroes Guide 2020- Beginner to Advanced 

So let’s say your first: a 5 hero is Horace after you saw all the guides or posts on reddit or social media. So you picked Horace. Now you go into arena and you fight against. Let’S say your opponent has an e 5 penny and you got smashed and you’re thinking, wow man. Maybe this was a mistake. However, what was your initial reason for making Horace? I hope you have a plan, that’s what I’m talking about. Horace is great in seolin he’s. Also good in Aspen dungeon against the guild bosses and other stuff as well, which I go really in detail in this post being good in PvP, is like an icing on top when you’re in the early games, it’s all about resource generation in the beginning, PvP, like I said she’ll be focused later on, unless you are a high spenders and by all means do whatever you want, but your first couple of ePHI heroes, let’s say 1 2 or even up to 4, should be focused on you.

Completing monthly quests, as well as having great resource generation through Aspen dungeon, as well as seal land. So let’s say you have completed an e 5 horse, but you’re struggling with the broken spaces, you’re struggling still to complete the brave trial events every month. Then your next project should be focused on completing these two for the resources. Now, if you don’t care about resources and you’re just playing this game for PvP, then by all means at least that’s your plan. You want to have fun in PvP, then that’s your plan, but just do know that you’re going to lose resources over time.

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So what do you do next? Maybe to clear your brave trials? You want to incorporate penny because penny in the early game. She does really well right, so if that’s what you want – and she also will help you in broken spaces, is she like the best hero that you can get to accompany Horace to clear, broken spaces? No, so after you complete your first a five hero, you really need to focus on what you need to do next, it’s all about doing well in CLN and Aspen dungeon, then, after that, your second or third E, 5 or even III heroes.

idle heroes guide 2020

Make sure you level up your idle heroes to the max

You can focus on the broken spaces by incorporating, let’s say, a support hero, a healer like Ormus or VESA, or even bell rain. If you have access to bell rain, they have given a lot of copies of her in the last quarter of 2019, and you also need a heart watcher. This account does not have a heart watcher, because this does not belong to me. It’S still unclaimed giveaway account. So this account has a lot of dollars pumped into it. It’S on a relatively new server and the the previous owner only wanted to focus on PvP and he can still fish out a billion damage in PvE with this lineup.

But for the rest of us mortals that are not pumping thousands of dollars, then you need to get a heart watcher going to complete your broken spaces every month, because this is all awesome, free resources that you should be capitalizing on all right. Instead of focusing too much in PvP, don’t get caught up into the PvP storm, don’t chase the top of the food chain because, as a free-to-play or a light spender, it’s going to be tough to even maintain even for me.

Is spending money on buy Idle Heroes Skins worth it?

Well, I don’t spend that much money anymore, but even for me, it’s hard to catch up because of the spending power of others. So what I’m saying is have a clear plan. Please just don’t make a hero, just you know, don’t be like this guy. So let me open up my phone real quick and this is on the iOS device. I have been coaching a lot of players on the iOS servers, like nine hundred plus, like the newer, just huge spenders, all the way down to the low spenders. I’ve been watching their accounts and look at the amount of projects that you’re seeing. There is just no focus now.

This looks really pretty and he is a high spender. He has a lot of money and he probably doesn’t care, but for the rest of you guys, I see a lot of low spenders or free-to-play players making the same mistake still so after you pick a hero to work on complete it, and if that first hero Was to do well in seal and make sure you do that and after you do that make your second hero to do. Something else. Maybe do well in brave trials. Maybe do well in the power of oblivion or Aspen, dungeon and just see through it don’t chase. The new hero get three copies in nine start, a new hero and then not finish your previous hero, because you’re not going to make progress in seolin and the Aspen dungeon, with these ten stars or e1 or e2 just focus on that e5.

PvP situation in Idle heroes in 2020

Yes, you’ll get battered in PvP. Let’S say you once again: you have an e5 Horace you’ll get destroyed by another a5 hero like penny or even Garuda. That’S okay, because you did not build your horse to be a master of early game. Pvp you built Horace for other things like boss, damage and seal land and Aspen dungeon. Yes, penny is better in Aspen dungeon, but you got to work with the copies that you have and just focus on that a5 hero.

Now, after you do that, like I said pick, another goal pick an immediate goal and then work towards that. Don’T make other six to eight to nine or ten or you want to just in complete heroes unless of course, you’re just building it for but other than that, don’t build high tier heroes just because they’re high up in a tier list that I made – or you Saw somewhere all right, that’s the main point that I want to get across to you guys, because you’re slowing down your progress big-time as well as your resources are being to spread the stone, the gold all of that stuff, the promotion stones and, as you are seeing.

I know this is an extreme example, but trust me, like I said: I’ve been on many accounts this week in the last week, and I’m seeing this just too much and the reason why I started this YouTube channel is to help people. I mean people are going to spend on mobile games anyways right. I cannot stop that. I cannot stop people’s behavior. I just want to help them to make the best decisions and stretch out their dollars because they’re paying so much money.

So that’s why I’m making this post? Because I don’t want you to have this beautiful, yet incomplete lineup and only be what seal and nine ten or eleven when you should be at least 16, 17 and 18, with the amount of resources that you have pumped into your account is what I’m saying not Only that the Aspen dungeon is suffering still a nightmare. This account could have been in death mode by now, also suffering in the tower of oblivion, suffering in PvP, just pretty much overall you’re not going anywhere. He just wasted a lot of time and if you have spent, you have wasted a lot of money and that hurts me.

You have wasted time, most importantly, as well as money, so once again make sure when you pick a hero that you want. Of course, you have to think about, you have to strategize the copies and where you’re going to get the rest of the copies from, for example, if you have like six out of nine penny copies, you got to think about where you’re going to get the last Three copies: we’re gon na just wait for events. Are you going to use glorious relics are going to spend money?

I don’t know what you’re going to do. Profit orbs, but anyways just make a plan if you’re going to focus on penny no perks – and this is what this channel does. We talk about each heroes pro and cons, so hone in and stick with it if your plan is to save profit orbs for the next event, then stick with it. If your plan is to make an e 5 penny as your second ie 5 hero, stick with it after that, then you want to do well in broken spaces.

Choose the correct support hereos

Then stick with heart washer, as well as a support hero so that you can do decently in the broken spaces and then, if you’re getting two broken spaces Stage, six or seven and you’re struggling there, then you stop and reassess what you need to do to be Able to fully clear it without spending a lot of fricking tokens or gems, make yourself efficient, be smart play smart! 

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