Flex Pie Foldable Phone better than Samsung Fold, Reviews [2019]

By | November 9, 2019

This was presumed to be the summer of this foldable phone. At least that is what Samsung and Huawei, the planet’s two leading mobile brands by earnings, guaranteed us. However, a collection of remarkable events — in the very first batch of inspection components have driven both tech giants to postpone their various foldable until at least September. Rather, a relatively vague Chinese firm called Royole has jumped and maintained that the much-coveted “world’s first” name with its very own foldable mobile, the FlexPie.

Layout and hardware of Flex Pie

The Royole FlexPai is a tablet-sized apparatus with mobile connectivity which may fold in half to undertake a more compact form element. This can be made possible since the display is made out of plastic rather than the glass we have grown accustomed to.

This is cutting-edge technology that gadget geeks have dreamed of for decades, despite the technical flaws right today — that the screen texture does not feel as smooth as glass, and there is a noticeable gap in the folding stage — there is still something irresistible about watching a display bend and fold and not snap.

Flex Pie review

Whenever the Royole FlexPai is brushed, there is a noticeable gap in the folding stage. Nonetheless, the telephone can fit into the pockets of my pants and shorts nice. Contrary to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, whose display folds towards the consumer and shuts like a novel, the FlexPai’s 7.8-inch display folds another direction, meaning that the display wraps around front and rear of the unit when it is in brushed form. The hinge mechanism is coated by kevlar-like cloth and feels unbelievably sturdy.

I have already folded and unfolded the apparatus over a hundred times and the hinge feels company. The remainder of the hardware, apart from the display, ranging from regular to underwhelming. The system runs on Qualcomm’s top-notch Snapdragon 855 with 6GB or 8GB of RAM.

There’s a solitary dual-camera system that functions as both”ordinary” and”selfie” camera, but photographs captured aren’t excellent.

Flex Pie Review- Software and Speical Features

The two most vital part of a mobile phone is your hinge/folding stage and smart software that can easily transition the apparatus between bigger (tablet) style and smaller (telephone ) manner, and Royole has amazed me by clipping both.

The program is intelligent enough to change between cellular programs and bigger tablet-version of programs based on the condition of the display. Open Google Chrome as soon as the telephone is unfolded, as an instance, and the display shows a desktop-sized browser using horizontally-aligned tabs. Fold the telephone and Chrome instantly becomes a compact web browser that we are utilized to watching Android phones.

Certain programs, for example, Chrome, will benefit from the bigger display of the Royole FlexPai by changing to a desktop design layout.
There is also, however, one crucial shortcoming which is likely to make the FlexPai unappealing for many people out China: the telephone can’t operate Google programs in any way. Even installing Google APK documents a workaround that normally solves the problem with Chinese telephones, doesn’t work here.

I can still get YouTube or Gmail by seeing their particular websites using an internet browser, but it’s a significant hassle.

The total form factor of this FlexPai is somewhat more straightforward, but it nevertheless assures a pocketable device that may transform into a bigger display.

Flex Pie review

All programs on the Royole FlexPai could be considered on the smaller sized display and bigger unfolded display. Gaming, videos, and Instagram, particularly, appear amazing on a tablet-sized display.
A bigger display is advantageous for, well, everything. I can read and edit files without eye strain; videos appear more immersive; also there is a sensible benefit of playing specific games onto a bigger display.

In first-person-shooters like PUBG (PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds), by way of instance, I could target more accurately because goals are bigger. Both speaker grilles pump out loud and complete audio, also, making the FlexPai a superb amusement apparatus.

The 3,970 mAh battery, as anticipated, is not sufficient to power the big tablet-sized display daily. In my heavy use, I would leave the home at 10 am and the FlexPai will be in desperate need of a fee by about 7 pm or 8 pm.

The hinge/fold place on the Royole FlexPai is steady and firm.
The cameras, as stated previously, aren’t excellent. The camera program is slow and complicated to change between shooting modes. Photographs during the daytime with great light are passable, but in low light conditions, photographs are noisy with nondynamic selection.

There is no movie stabilization, also, so that which comes out jerky. You will find funding Redmi telephones priced at HK$2,000 (US$350) who have better cameras than that.

Flex Pie review


Beginning in an 8,999 yuan (US$1,318) for your 6GB RAM/128GB ROM foundation version and leaping around 9,499 yuan for your 8GB RAM/256GB ROM version, the Royole FlexPai is too expensive to recommend to many people.

However, the FlexPai was not intended for all those people. Gen-one apparatus in a brand-new merchandise gadget class would be for collectors and fans — a group where I belong — and also for us, I believe that the FlexPai is a decent device worth possessing, since there’s nothing else like this on the industry at the moment.

Sure the camera is awful and its own inability to operate Google programs is a significant hassle, but so far as I am concerned, this telephone is historical. I think foldable-screened gadgets will be the status quo in the not too distant future, and we’ll return in the Royole FlexPai as we return in the Walkman or the very first notebook. The Rear of this Royole FlexPai is made from vinyl, using a kevlar-like cloth that covers the hinge.

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