FGO Tier List 2020 [Updated] 5 Star Fate Go, Fate Grand Order

By | March 2, 2020

We all know how important it is to have the fgo tier list available for your online quests. The so-called strategy game has been the most popular online video game that has taken the world by storm. The fgo tier list can include all the possible heroes you would like to have by your side. Another name would be the fate go tier list, that you get in the updated version now and then. The fgo 5 star tier list has started being a necessity for every gamer that wants to improve in the game.


Initially created in America, it included many action heroes and characters, which may easily entertain you and your family. The fgo tier list has been there for you to check the quality of the servants that this game offers.


Let’s go now to check all the tier listings that are now available online on the fate grand order online game.


Tier listings of servants in FGO Tier List


The FGO Tier List- EX has two servants that are the most powerful. This is the first one and we should go on and examine its qualities, pros, and cons:


Zhuge Liang (El-Melloi II)


He is a man of many talents. It has given the fgo tier list another meaning. There is always the chance to improve any Chaldea character and become the dominant of the game. Fate go tier list loves him and these are the reasons:

  • He has strong support and utility for the team.
  • A flexible NP is charging associated with this character.
  • High utility on NP.
  • However, you need to know that he has lower defensive abilities and a lower ceiling than more specialized support.

Zhuge Liang (El-Melloi II)



Merlin keeps on being the fgo tier listing character of choice for many beginners. It has recently entered the fate grand order tier list with the ambition to become the champion of the game.

  • He has the following abilities that become unique in the ever-changing environment of the fgo 5 start tier list.
  • He provides early sustain.
  • Shows high consistency in battles against enemies.
  • Busters damage support.

merlin fate go

You also need to know that Merlin is vulnerable to sustained high damage attacks and that he trades the NP charging speed for Higher Damage Ceiling that may look paradox to you.


Tier 1 listings in the Fate Go Tier List


These are the fgo tier listing characters that remain the same throughout the whole game. Fate go tier list may increase in number from times to times but it always remains the same for gamers to identify it.




He has been the master archer of the game since the early beginning of time. The fgo tier list keeps on having it higher than any other character there. Gilgamesh has been having the following abilities:

  • High Range of bonus damage targets
  • Good critical damage dealer
  • He is versatile and very self-sufficient
  • He has been the character of fate grand order tier list that glows against the others.



Another interesting player that makes a difference in the fgo tier list. You get the following:

  • High uptime on skills and NP.
  • Amazing offensive art support.
  • Excellent stalling potential.

It is the character of choice for the fgo 5 star tier list that is there to serve you win.


Jack the Ripper


This is the fgo tier list character that can give you many more benefits than others. The fate grand order tier list has been richer with this smart character, carrying a heavy name on his shoulders.


His qualities are:

  • Good NP uptime.
  • Best star generator.
  • Has a good niche against females.
  • Great support and utility compared to others.

He may lack special attacking skills but he is in the musts of the fate go tier list.


Cu Chulainn (Alter)


You have the fgo tier list of your preference in front of you. By having it you get:

  • Defense buff stacking.
  • High damage scores.
  • Exceptional noble phantasm.
  • Many defensive options.

This character has been one of the most valuable fgo 5 star tier lists of all times.


Jeanne d’Arc (Alter)


The famous character that can change the path of the game. Becomes the main part of the fgo tier list and you should be proud of having it with you when playing.

  • She has a flexible avenger class typing.
  • You get an incredible single target damage potential.
  • Has a good NP generation.
  • There is a great dragon compatibility.

However, you should consider having it in your fate go tier list, as it can suffer from a limited class advantage.




She is the fgo tier listing character of choice for all female players. There you can find the best qualities you are looking for to enrich your fate grand order tier list understanding. You can get:

  • High basic damage output.
  • High star generation on noble phantasm.
  • A reliable critical potential.
  • Strong anti-trait farming potential.

The mediocre critical damage buffs can give you a severe impact on the fgo 5 star tier list that you want to follow.


Altria Pendragon (Archer)


This is the sexy fgo tier list character that can alter the balance of the game towards your side. When having it you can easily:

  • Get an excellent NP gain.
  • Make sure you are capable of challenge quests.
  • You are capable to support the team.

Every fate go tier list character would like to seem like this one.




You get the famous fgo tier list player of all time. His values are endless and include:

  • Non-Caster NP Charge skill.
  • Strong self-buffs.
  • Strong and unique offensive utility.

On the other hand, you get an absence of hard survival that may cost you lots of points on a competitive game. Fate grand order tier list would always be proud of having Ozymandias to its classes.


Other characters that are valuable and create the FGO 5 star Tier List


Sakata Kintoki


The absolute winner of the fgo tier list for all the players that know how to play the game. This one has some of the most peculiar abilities like:

  • High burst damage.
  • Offensive reliability.
  • 50% NP charge that is among the highest online.

Make sure that you always include this character to the fgo 5 star tier list that has been the ultimate goal for every gamer.


Miyamoto Musashi


Clearly, this is the hero that gives you the best possible incentives to keep on fighting. Included in the fgo tier list of your choice can give you endless possibilities, which include:

  • Ability to have a dual wield.
  • High-damage buster ST-saber.
  • High Utility that makes it to all possible stages.

Miyamoto Musashi is the fate go tier list hero that will change your life online.




Here is another female character that is always included in the fgo tier list heroes that you are going to need when playing the game. Some of her greatest abilities include:

  • Fantastic base stats and strong passives.
  • Goof team support capacities.
  • High damage and burst potential.

She is the hero that makes the fate grand order tier list look a lot more attractive than it used to be.


How can Tier listing improve the gameplay?


We all know that this is the gameplay you are about to have when getting the fgo tier list characters of choice. You are solely reliable for the experience you offer to your characters and they can give you back plausible results in the game.


Make sure that you are always using the tier 1 players that you have chosen from the beginning. This means that when you change players among the various tiers you lose a lot of experience points that can get you far away from your goal that is to win the game.


As you may realize the fgo 5 star tier list gives you all the credentials you need to become the absolute master of the game.


Secrets of the FGO player abilities that can make you a winner, without altering the Fate Grand Oder Tier List


First, you need to know which are the abilities you would like your hero to have. Since you cannot be based solely on one hero there is always the chance to maintain multiple tier 1 hero that will make it better for you to survive in various environments.


This great idea can give you all the passion you need to keep on going while playing with other mates online. There is no chance you will proceed to this game without special guidance. Make sure you are always following the rules of the game and gathering much stamina through the stages that you are passing through.


The heroes are having some attack and defense skills. These can help you become as aggressive you want in battles. Or you may decide to become less vulnerable to monster attacks that can make you the hero you want and win the game.


Then you need to know the magical spells that apply to your knowledge levels. These spells will add much more power to your hero and give him more glow against his rivals.


Finally, make sure that all the tier 1 heroes that you keep on having in your troops can have more industrialized knowledge of the gaming environment. This means that as long as you use the characters permanently, ensure that they gather the right skills to become impossible to extinct from any other reason.


Basic territory management in FGO gaming and fate go tier list


When you are about to gather new heroes you should always check the online territory you are about to engage them with. This is important for their survival and evolution. Some heroes have no coherence to a water supply. In case you are going to embark on a ship, there is no reason to summon them and take them with you.


On the other hand, various heroes have dragon mastery. Dragons are very special creatures that can make you a winner to the famous FGO game. You are not probable to win the game if you don’t have at least one hero that knows how to ride the dragons.


Then you need to know which one of them can make it to scorched earth. This environment is very often met in the FGO game and can make you wonder why all your heroes are crawling when passing through it. Try to find the heroes like Yoshimitsu that can pass through the scorched earth and allow you to become the national champion of the tier you are playing to.


Make it slow to become a long-term winner respecting the FGO 5 star tier list


We all know that you need multiple hours of daily online gaming to become an effective FGO player. However, this is not a sprint, but a marathon that can make you feel a lot more like a long-term player than a 100-meter speedrunner.


You need to gather points from easy battles and stages so that you become silently strong. All the tier 1 FGO characters are offering you the chance to early development. However, their skills are not meeting their full capacity until they have finally met their maturity level.


That is why you need to avoid battles with other great players too early. Not to mention, that you don’t want other players to know your heroes’ abilities soon enough. Bigger battles can wait until you come towards the end of the game.

fate grand order




As we have all seen, the fgo tier list gives you a thorough look at the game. You never had such a piece of knowledge on all heroes that come with the game and involve in fate go tier list.


You are the sole responsible person to find solutions for the fate grand order tier list heroes that are going to become your team. The fgo tier list is more like a guide than an obligation.


All people that play FGO game know that the fgo 5 star tier list is always under reconsideration and alters multiple times throughout the year. Make sure you are always following the latest fgo tier list to evolve to the mastery level you always wanted.

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